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Prepare the trial balance as at February

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    Question – The following is the information extracted from the accounting book of Juwita Shop as at 31 January 2022.



    Building A DR


    Motor Vehicles A DR


    Furniture A DR


    Cash A DR


    Bank A DR


    Account receivable – Rahimi A DR


    Account Payable – Li Ann L CR



    Date 2022


    Feb 1

    Credit Sale of RM2,000 to Iman

    Feb 7

    Paid water bill of RM300 by cash

    Feb 9

    Purchased goods on credit to Mr lim worth RM20,000 trade discount 10%.

    Feb 10

    Sold used furniture worth RM200 for cash. The sales amount is deposited into bank.

    Feb 12

    Cash sale of RM8,000

    Feb 17

    Iman returned goods worth RM200

    Feb 19

    Sent sale invoice of Rm15,000 to Reza

    Feb 22

    Returned defective goods worth RM700 to account payable – Li Ann

    Feb 25

    Rahimi paid half of his debt by cheque

    Feb 29

    Paid off debts to Li Ann RM15,000, Mr. Lim RM5,000 and employee’ salaries of RM2,000 by cheque

    Required – You are required to:

    1. Record the transaction into journal entry.

    2. Post entries to ledgers.

    3. Prepare the trial balance as at 28 February 2022.

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