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    Paula, the project manager, was reasonably happy the way that work was progressing on the project. The only issue was the work being done by Frank. Paula knew from the start of the project that Frank was a mediocre employee and often regarded as a troublemaker. The tasks that Frank was expected to perform were not overly complex and the line manager, Erica, assured Paula during the staffing function that Frank could do the job. Erica also informed Paula that Frank demonstrated behavioural issues on other projects and sometimes had to be removed from the project.

    Frank was a chronic complainer and found fault with everything and everybody. But Erica also assured Paula that Frank’s attitude was changing and she would get actively involved if any of these issues began to surface on Paula’s project. Reluctantly, Paula agreed to allow Frank to be assigned to her project.

    Unfortunately, Frank’s work on the project was not being performed according to Paula’s standards. Paula had told Frank on more than one occasion what she expected from him, but Frank persisted in doing his own thing. Paula was now convinced that the situation was getting worse. Frank’s work packages were coming in late and sometimes over budget. Frank continuously criticized Paula’s performance as a project manager and Frank’s attitude was beginning to affect the performance of some of the other team members (Bill, Trinity, and Jasmine). Ultimately, Frank was lowering the morale of the team. It was obvious that Paula had to take some action.

    Things to Consider:

    1. What should Paula do? What happens when Paula meets with Frank?

    2. What happens when Paula meets with the team to discuss Frank?

    3. What should Paula do next if Frank does not change?

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