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Promote the organisation workforce diversity

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    Complete the following activities:

    The following task is to be demonstrated and assessed in a safe environment where evidence gathered demonstrates consistent performance of typical activities experienced in the workforce development – diversity field of work and include access to:

    Legislation, regulations and codes of practice for managing diversity.

    Workplace diversity policies and procedures.

    Interaction with others.

    For this task you are to demonstrate your ability to manage diversity in the workplace through the application of a diversity policy in a work context.

    Implement the diversity policy through completion of the following actions:

    1. Research, locate and critically review the diversity policy. Provide the policy obtained and document the critical review, including providing feedback and suggestions for improvement to ensure currency and efficacy of diversity policy. 
    2. Determine, and record, the application of the diversity policy to the specific work context.
    3. Develop, document and institute strategies and actions to ensure that the diversity policy is understood and implemented by relevant parties.

    Demonstrate your ability to foster respect for diversity in the work team through completion of the following actions: 

    1. Identify and address your own prejudices. Document your prejudices, and how these are to be addressed in the workplace. 
    2. In your personal interactions, demonstrate respect for differences.
    3. Aim for diversity in selecting and recruiting staff. Provide evidence of any recruitment, including diversity in recruitment.
    4. Identify any training needs to address issues of difference in the team, and arrange for training to address these. Record the training needs identified, and the training arranged. 
    5. Identify staff who struggle to work effectively with difference, and implement strategies to manage tensions and encourage collaboration and respect, including through assisting staff to see that working effectively with difference is a strength that can improve the organisation’s products, services and customer relations. Note the strategies used.
    6. Identify complaints and allegations of harassment, and address these, working in line with the established organisational procedures for handling complaints or harassment allegations. Record all complaints/harassment allegations, and the results of their handling. 

    Throughout your work, promote the benefits of diversity through completion of the following actions: 

    1. Promote the organisation’s workforce diversity, both in internal and external forums, to enhance the company’s image and reputation. Provide evidence of this promotion. 
    2. Capture ideas and information from the diversity in the workforce, and use these to enhance products and services and contribute to competitive advantage. Record the ideas and information captured and how they were used. 
    3. Support organisational efforts to value diversity. Record the support provided.
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