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Propose and communicate solutions using web-based design

    Assignment Instructions

    Assignment ID: FG133134562

    MIS202 App, Web Design and Development – Torrens University Australia

    Backend Programming Project and Presentation

    Learning Outcome 1: Examine and apply web-based application architecture

    Learning Outcome 2: Propose and communicate solutions using web-based design to meet organisational needs

    Learning Outcome 3: Analyse organisational problems and develop solutions using frontend and backend technologies

    Learning Outcome 4: Apply web-based programming concepts to solve organisational problems

    You will focus on the development of a backend of website. You will demonstrate your understanding of a three-layer web development architecture and your ability to develop dynamic websites. You will also demonstrate your oral communication skills and the ability to demonstrate a software solution.

    Task Instructions

    This assessment is based on the case study – Student Accommodation. You should first read and understand the case study in Assessment 1.

    Task 1

    Based on the description of the case study in Assessment 1, your understanding of the requirement and your answers to Task 1, 2, 3.1, 3.2 in Assessment 1 and the frontend of the website you developed in Assessment 2, complete the website by developing a backend for the website. The backend of the website must satisfy the following requirements:

    Requirement 1. All major functionalities as described in the case study in Assessment 1, must be implemented.

    Requirement 2. Use a three-layer web application architecture.

    Requirement 3. Use a relational database, e.g. MYSQL OR a non-SQL database, e.g. Mango DB.

    Requirement 4. Observe the non-functional requirements in the description of the case study in Assessment 1.

    Requirement 5. The backend must be implemented using Django framework.

    Requirement 6. The backend must be well integrated with the frontend you developed in Assessment 2.

    Requirement 7. The code must be well formatted and conforms to Python naming convention. You also need to provide sufficient comments in the code. In particular, comments must be provided to significant blocks of code that directly address the functional requirements of this system.

    Task 2

    You are required to prepare a presentation of your website. In the presentation you will demonstrate your website to the class. You must demonstrate all major functionalities for each user described in the case study in Assessment 1 as well as any other users you identified in Task 3.1 in Assessment 1.

    Face to Face Students: You will present your website in a 10 minute seminar to the class and submit ONE ZIP document containing all project files via the Assessment link in the main navigation menu in MIS202 App, Web Design and Development.

    Online Students: You will record your presentation using the free Zoom program (available as a free online download). Refer to the ‘How to Use Zoom’ PDF document located in the Assessment 3 area on Blackboard for more information. Record the group presentation and save it, using the following naming convention: SubjectCodeGroupnumberAssessmentTitle.mp4.

    One submission per group is allowed. The submission will comprise:
    – SubjectCodeGroup nameAssessmentTitle.mp4

    Task 3
    Fill out the Team Member Evaluation Form (individual). Each team member need to fill out an evaluation form individually and confidentially and submit it using Team Member Evaluation Form.

    Attachment:- Web Design and Development.rar

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