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    The objective of the study was to explore the barriers and motivators of adherence to hemodialysis among end stage renal disease (ESRD) patients in Rwanda. The type of design of this journal article is ethnography because the survey took place in Rwanda (Bhengu, et al., 2020). The population consisted of people in Rwanda with end stage renal disease but were resistant to receiving care due to several factors including poverty, lack of or unreliable transportation, possible treatment complications, and far distance. The type of sampling selected was convenience sampling; all participants chosen were dialysis patients and the survey was quick and inexpensive to complete. Seven patients were interviewed at a hemodialysis unit. Data were collected by conducting a semi-structured interview with open-ended questions, which gave ESRD patients an opportunity to discuss barriers and motivators of compliance with dialysis treatments. Data analysis used thematic framework approach with stages, namely data organization, familiarization, identifying thematic framework, indexing, displaying data, interrelating and description of themes (Braun & Clarke, 2006). Findings show that people have more motivators for adherence to hemodialysis than they have barriers. Ultimately, they do need more of this motivation in order to comply.


    -Is the purpose of the research study clearly identified?

    -Were the methods (design, sample, data collection) identified correctly? If not, provide supporting evidence.

    -Was the data analysis strategy clearly reported?

    -Do you agree with the overall interpretation of this research study?

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