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Record the initial purchase by capricorn corp

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    Dear Board of Directors,

    Following your request, I conducted a detailed analysis of Aquarius Ltd. I found out that the liabilities reported in its books at December 31, 2022 in the amount of $20M fairly represent their economic values. As for the assets, their book value is $45M. The company owns an office building in downtown Toronto where its headquarters are located. The net book value of this building, including the land, is $10M. Aquarius purchased the land for $6M some 20 years ago and then constructed the building. I consulted with real estate experts and currently the fair value of the land is $9M and the fair value of the building is $8M. The remaining useful life of the building in Aquarius’s books is 20 years and I find this estimate realistic.

    The firm has developed a patent. According to my analysis, the fair value of the patent is $12M. Given future advances in technology, I expect the value of the patent to decline and become worthless 6 years from now. The patent was developed by the company and all the related costs were recorded as research and development expenses.


    Jake Connor, CPA

    The board of directors of Capricorn Corporation adopted the report by Mr. Connor and on January 1, 2023, purchased 35% of the shares of Aquarius, based on its fair value according to Mr. Connor’s analysis. After the acquisition of the shares, Capricorn was able to exercise significant influence over Aquarius.

    In 2023, Aquarius reported net income of $10M and distributed 40% of it as cash dividends.

    In 2024, the earnings of Aquarius doubled compared with 2023. Aquarius distributed 60% of its income as cash dividends.

    On December 31, 2024, Capricorn sold its investment in Aquarius Ltd. for $20M.


    Assuming Capricorn accounts for this investment using the method required under IFRS,

    a) Record the initial purchase by Capricorn Corp.

    b) Record the entries related to the investment in Aquarius Ltd. for 2023.

    c) Record the entries related to the investment in Aquarius Ltd. for 2024.

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