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Reflect how you developed your position

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    Argumentative essay – The principle of non-refoulement does not protect a person outside the country of origin
    What to write (CONTENT):
    Your task is to write a short argument.
    Your essay should be about 750 words, with five paragraphs (of 150 words each paragraph).
    How to write (PROCESS):
    Classical Argument Structure
    The structure of the essay should reflect how you developed your position. In the Introduction, focus on a problematic, significant, and interesting question. Then give us your answer to that question. This answer is the claim (or thesis) that will form the core in your line of reasoning. In the main body (Discussion), discuss different viewpoints (compare, contrast), and explain why you are taking your position. In the Conclusion, briefly summarise the previous discussion and state your position clearly again. Here is the structure:
    Give a hint of the thesis issue, but not a full sentence.
    Introduction: (about 150 words)
    Short background, i.e. explanation of the issue showing how it is both problematic and significant.
    Thesis statement, sentence giving your claim in relation to the subject matter and your reason(s). [At least one reason – try to have 2 or 3]. Place this thesis statement at the end of your introduction as the last sentence.
    Discussion (450 word argument): your position/claim argued in three paragraphs (each 150 words each paragraph; one topic per paragraph).

    Each paragraph should follow this structure:

    Opinion: present the topic/sub-argument of the paragraph in a single short sentence.
    Facts: give credible evidence to prove your opinion (examples, data, quotation, citation etc.).
    Interpretation: give your interpretation of the facts, explaining and reasoning how they prove your point.
    Conclusion (150 word summary): Short summary: write a summary of the main points of your argument (without details)

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