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    Which statement below is NOT true of the one-to-many relationships in the database description below?


    Image Description: Three tables are pictured: Table 1: Order details with primary keys of OrderID and ProductID and fields: UnitPrice, Quantity, and Discount. Table 2: Orders with an OrderID primary key and fields of CustomerID, EmployeeID, OrderDate, RequiredDate, ShippedDate, ShipVia, Freight, ShipName, ShipAddress, ShipCity, ShipRegion, ShipPostalCode, and ShipCountry. Table 3: Customer has a primary key of CustomerID, Fields: CompanyName, ContactName, ContactTitle, Address, City, Region, PostalCode, Country, Phone, and Fax. There is a relationship labeled with the infinity symbol attached to the OrderDetails (Table 1) and also attached with a number 1 to the orders table (Table 2). There is also a relationship with the infinity symbol beginning at orders table (Table 2) and connected to the customers table (Table 2) using a 1.

    • It is the least used type of relationship.
    • OrderID is a unique identification number that would be used in the orders table and order details table.
    • Each record in the orders table may match one, more than one, or no records in the order details table.
    • Each record in an orders table matches only one record in the customers table.
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