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Report for Group Management Information System

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    KIT506 Software Application Design and Implementation – University of Tasmania

    Design Report for Group Management Information System


    Your small development team of (ideally) four people has been asked to develop the system prototype and implement a desktop application based on your design specification. Your software product will be a database-backed desktop application with graphical front end.

    Whilst a real-world system would have a wide range of operations, this assignment asks you to focus only on the operations included in your design document.

    Learning outcome 1: Develop a data driven, human-centred software implementation which contains a GUI; and

    Learning outcome 2: Collaborate on a project across the software development lifecycle from design to testing as an effective team member and project manager; and


    You are recommended to work in the same groups as for assignment 1.

    Seek clarification on assignment details if there is something you do not understand and ask any questions your group has. (This should be done in consulting time)

    Discuss the skill and knowledge strengths of each member and delegate tasks as appropriate for each person. Ensure that all tasks are divided equally. Develop a timeline and meeting schedule for assignment work.

    Watch all video lecturettes and develop the system prototype and a desktop application based on your assignment 1.

    System prototype (Group)

    You should submit a single PDF document include low-fidelity (lo-fi) prototypes of the UI views (hand-drawn or simply-sketched on a computer) based on your assignment 1 design specification. The PDF document should include a title page that identifies the system being tested and its authors (any student that is not listed on a title page will not receive a grade for the submission).
    Software application (Group & Individual)

    The implemented application should include the following deliverables:
    – A zipped software project that contains the desktop application that must be submitted to the assignment folder, accompanied by an introduction in PDF, which presents a tabular representation of the implementation details and the responsible developer (group member name and ID), and must also be submitted to the assignment folder.
    – The Visual Studio project and any precursor console application projects must be available in your group’s GitHub repository.
    – Screenshots from you GitHub repository Insights Software project

    The final application is recommended to use the C# language, including how to communicate with a database and how to design and construct GUIs, and these topics are based on the prototyping design to the development of this application.
    However, you can use another language/platform if you wish but you will not be able to receive helps from the teaching team.

    The main view of your application needs the group work, then each group member should implement at least one of the operations in your design specification.

    Note that your software project can include extension implementations for more operations for individual grading, please list all implementation details in the induction PDF document.

    You can also browse the data via phpMyAdmin (append that to the end of the server name). As the database is shared it will not appear in your own list of databases on alacritas if you log in under the provided account. An ER Diagram for the database plus some details on enumerated value columns accompanies this document.

    Attachment:- Software Application Design and Implementation.rar

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