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Review the article-mental health in students athletes

    Assignment Instructions

    1. Search for articles that can help you address the topic( mental health in students athletes) that you wrote about for your Week 4 Written Assignment. Use the research questions that you proposed as a guide. Look for empirical articles that have advanced our sociological understanding of the questions that you posed. And most importantly, make sure your articles are empirical, sociological, and relevant!

    2. Once you have identified the five best articles, save them as pdf files (as you did for the Week 3 Written Assignment). You do not need to upload the articles for this assignment, but you may need to refer to them later in the course, so be sure to keep them some place where you can locate them.

    3. Read each of the articles closely, paying particular attention to the purpose of the study, what questions or hypotheses are involved, how the researcher(s) designed the study, the characteristics of the sample, and the main findings. Once you have read the articles, address the following questions in paragraph/essay form, using complete sentences rather than simply stating the answer for each question:

    • In a few sentences, what is the general topic of the article?
    • Who is the sample?
    • Why is this topic important to investigate, according to the author(s)?
    • How did they obtain the sample?
    • What are some of the main findings of the research?
    • Are there questions about the topic you have after reading the article?
    • In a few sentences, how does this article help advance your understanding of the topic that you wrote about for the Week 4 Written Assignment?

    4. Write the citation for each of the articles you chose using the standard ASA format for citations.

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