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Scribe engineering job analysis process

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    You have recently been hired as the HRM for Scribe Engineering, a Canadian software development company. Scribe’s product is information systems. The company’s environment is competitive and constantly changing. There continues to be an increased demand for customized computer systems that improve the flow of information in a wide range of small Canadian businesses. Due to Scribe’s growth in sales, the company is anticipating the need for an increase from 150 to 200 employees. The company requires highly skilled software designers, computer programmers, sales professionals, and support staff. The majority of employees, from younger technical support staff to senior management, stated that work-life balance is important to them and that they want more flexibility in how and when their work gets done. Job demands are changing constantly because of the dynamic environment. There are concerns of sex, age, and family status discrimination with the office administration employees. The CEO has stated that Scribe has a few outdated job advertisements, but that the company never had time to write job descriptions. Managers have expressed concerns that job descriptions are of limited value because positions need to adapt to the high speed of change and that they limit their flexibility in supervising employees’ tasks.

    Since job analysis data has the potential for many uses, it is important for Scribe Engineering to know how the company will use the information before deciding on an approach or method.

    What would be some recruitment and selection outcomes of Scribe Engineering’s job analysis process?

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