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Selected management issue to managements practice

    Assignment Instructions

    Assignment ID: FG133135425 , Length: word count:2500

    Essay – Summative Assessment Brief

    These presentations will form a solid basis for your final submission, which will be a 4000 word paper on a selected management area identified by you and agreed with the tutor. The final submission will be a critical essay which demonstrates that you can relate your selected management issue to managements practice, and to the achievement of organizational as well as Sustainable Development goals.

    Full details of the criteria are set out in the assessment grid but you need to:

    • Demonstrate that you understand the research which has been carried out around your issue and critique its usefulness
    • Discuss the effect or importance of this issue to managerial practice, using clearly justified arguments based on relevant literature.
    • Explain the way in which a critical understanding of this management issue may make an important contribution to the achievement of organisational goals.
    • Explain the way in which a critical understanding of this management issue may make an important contribution to the achievement of two or more UN Sustainable Development goals.

    Suggested Structure
    • NOT to your topic area, but to the essay
    • Provide a clear structure in this part
    Background to topic area
    • Critical Literature Review – Brief history of:
    o its emergence and its definition(s)
    o the way it has been studied
    o the theoretical perspectives / research methods that have underpinned its study
    o how it links to sustainability.
    Management Practice
    • Why is this topic important to managers?
    • How does it impact on their everyday practice?
    • How do they know about it (awareness)?
    • What guidance do they receive (training)?
    Organisational Goals
    • Why is this topic important to companies?
    • How does it relate to achieving their organisational goals?
    Sustainable Development Goals
    • Why is this topic important to achieving global sustainability aims?
    • How does it relate to achieving SDGs (specify which)?
    • What have you been able to conclude from your learning journey.
    • What insights have you reached?

    Think about how this conclusion provides insight:
    • Problematise the topic:
    o What have been the dominant assumptions?
    o What have been the research assumptions?
    o What are the values of those undertaking the research / those putting the research into practice?
    o What could be done differently?
    o Whose views have been prioritised, what other stakeholder are there, what other perspectives are there?
    o What are the ethical implications?
    o How might your understanding / different approaches provide new insights to the management function?
    o Whose problems are being ‘solved’?

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