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    In today’s world, both government and the private sector are struggling to provide a secure, efficient, timely, and separate means of delivering essential services internationally. As a result, these critical national infrastructure systems remain at risk from potential attacks via the Internet.

    It is the policy of the United States to prevent or minimize disruptions to the critical national information infrastructure in order to protect the public, the economy, government services, and the national security of the United States.The Federal Government is continually increasing capabilities to address cyber risk associated with critical networks and information systems.

    Please explain how you would reduce potential vulnerabilities, protect against intrusion attempts, and better anticipate future threats.


    – please make sure,

    – 300 Words

    – API Format

    – No Plagarism

    – You must also use a scholarly source.

    As a reminder, you must list every reference that you used to build your response then cite every reference within every sentence that you used it with a properly APA formatted citation (ABC, 2019). Citation is author last name and year.

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