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Significant ongoing back and shoulder pain

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    Jack is 45 years of age and is recovering from a recent accident at work involving a fall and significant ongoing back and shoulder pain. He has been off work now for 3 months, spends most days inactive at home in front of the TV and computer, and has recently been diagnosed with mild depression related to his accident. He has a pre-existing condition of an arthritic knee with ongoing pain management issues. He works in the construction industry and has concerns about his continuing employment. He has two teenage children at school. He has few friends outside of work and tends to rely on support from his wife that he is not utilizing as much as he could. He feels that the health system should help him but he has become less proactive about seeking out help, looking for information, or asking for help. He feels he is not making any progress and has lost interest in any kind of physical activity. He is unsure about the pain but feels it is unwise to do the exercises recommended by the Physiotherapist. He has little confidence in his ability to recover and expects the rehabilitation service to solve his problems. He is seeing a Physiotherapist at the rehabilitation service but has a local GP.

    1. What recommendations would you make to Jack’s physiotherapist and GP in order to address the barriers identified (above) and to help facilitate his rehabilitation?

    2. Provide a specific and clear set of recommendations to be provided to Jack’s physiotherapist and GP that will address each of the barriers identified above.

    3. Explain how your recommendations could address these barriers.

    4. Explain how you have factored in Jack’s personal situation, preferences, attitudes and potential resources when developing these recommendations.

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