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    My three Psychologists were B.F.Skinner, Clark Hull, and Albert Bandura. I found all three of these men very interesting. Starting with B.F. Skinner who studied Operant Conditioning. He found that there were three types of operant or responses, Neutral, reinforcers, and punishers. Neutral operant do not add or subtract desire to repeat an action,while reinforcers add to the likelihood of an action being repeated and punishers subtract from the desire. He worked at Harvard University until he retired then wrote some autobiographies and died from leukemia in 1990.

    Clark Hull studied motivation and Drive-Reduction Theory. Hull worked at Yale University for most of his career. Drive-Reduction Theory talks about when a person feels a need or a discomfort then they are driven to satisfy that need. There are Primary drives like food drink sleep and shelter, then there are secondary needs or drives for things like money to be able to buy food or drink. On of the big complaint about DRT is that it does not explain all of humans drives like overeating and thrill-seeking. He died in 1952.

    Albert Bandura studied Social Learning Theory. He studied how children learned things from watching models or other people whether it was adults or other children. He is most well known for the famous experiment called the bobo doll experiment where children learned to “beat up” a bobo doll by watching an adult do it first. There are four steps in observational learning first seeing, then they have to remember it then they have to be able to repeat it then they have to have the motivation to do it. Bandura died at 95 in 2021.

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