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Strategic foresight and scenario planning

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    One of the main challenges facing organizations today is planning for the future. Peter J. Scoblic in the article “Learning from the Future” outlined solutions to solve this problem. When the past experience is limited Scoblic (2020) suggested using strategic foresight and scenario planning. Scoblic (2020) is also teaching us how to view time as a loop.

    “They took stock of trends in the present, jumped many years into the future, described plausible worlds created by those drivers, worked backward to develop stories about how those worlds had come to pass, and then worked forward again to develop robust strategies. In this model, time circles around on itself, in a constantly evolving feedback cycle between present and future. In a word, it is a loop” – Scoblic, 2020 (Page 46)

    Identify 2-3 key current issues facing a global organization and describe how scenario planning could be applied to effectively plan for the future while addressing uncertainty and the unknown ahead of us.

    Please briefly describe the selected organization in the introduction.

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