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Strengths and weaknesses of your leadership traits

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    Aim of the Assessment

    The aim of this assessment is to evaluate the students’ understanding of the concepts surrounding leadership including traits theories of leadership – situational and behaviour – related to a current leader and to a self-assessment of personal traits and leadership readiness. Students will demonstrate their understanding through an essay reflecting on traits, motive and leadership style a chosen hospitality leader and applying the theoretical framework to practice.

    Assessed Learning Outcomes

    1. Evaluate common leadership traits and styles and relate them to personal assessments made to identify areas for personal development and readiness to lead people.

    Assessment Brief

    Assessment Type

    £ Presentation

    R Essay

    £ Report

    Assessment Details

    In this assessment, you are required to:

    1. Select a leader, owner, CEO, General Manager or a Department/Unit Manager, preferable but not necessarily from the hospitality and tourism sector. Collect background information (via a variety of literature sources) to prepare a brief biography of the individual and his/her current place of work. References and citations are required for all sources; please refer to the Structure and Referencing System section.

    2. Evaluate the leader’s traits, motive and preferred leadership style.

    3. Establish your own personal weaknesses and strengths based on a. series of assessments and compare your strengths and weaknesses against the leader you selected for this assignment.

    4. Write an essay to analyse the leader, his traits, motive for leading people, preferred leadership style and relate this to your own leadership skills, style based on assessments made in class. Analysis and synthesis areas you need to develop to effectively overcome your weaknesses in relation to the selected leaders. Support your evaluations with relevant leadership theories and examples.

    5. Include as appendices the summary of your assessment scores and one reflective journal for each assessment.

    Essay Detailed Structure

    Introduction State the aim, purpose and outline of the essay. Include a brief background of the organisation and a biography of the chosen leader Be selective in the included information to focus on leadership- specific elements.

    Main Body

    Discussion on Heredity, Environmental Influences and Leadership Traits

    Evaluate, analyse and assess the leader’s traits and leader characteristics. Argue possible relevance to heredity and environmental influences in the process of reaching the current leadership position and support your argumentation with leadership theories based on a variety of literature sources and as discussed in class.

    Discussion on Current Leadership Style and Motive

    Evaluate, analyse and assess the leader’s motive to lead people, preferred leadership style(s), approach and theory applied when leading people.

    Evaluation of Leadership Traits and Style

    Analyse and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your leadership traits and style in relation to the chosen leader based on different assessments made in class.

    Conclusion Summarize key findings and establish areas for improvement and future action that needed to be taken. Support your findings with theoretical frameworks and examples.

    References Include the list of all references. References and citations are required for all sources; please refer to the Structure and Referencing System section.

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