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The extension of grace and positive favor

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    The extension of grace and positive favor towards others, regardless of and sometimes because of color, class, or culture.

    My question is do you agree post? yes or no and why

    The demographic complexities that the United States faces make inclusion sensible. Immigration is increasing as the United States changes and its ethnic composition becomes more diverse. As immigration increases, minority groups are likewise expected to grow in population (Anderson, 2007). A variety of cultures make up the body, not just one. It’s one of the most key principles I’ve learned from the readings. It is crucial for us to value difference as a beautiful thing as gracist. Additionally, a gracist sincerely believes that all should be included, regardless of what minority group they are a member of or linked with. Being a counselor and assisting those who are members of a minority group will require a strong understanding of inclusion.

    Integrating my practice as a gracists will enable me to effectively represent clients who are disadvantaged, underserved, or who have had to deal with discrimination. A good gracist is prepared to practice compassion for others, to think past their initial perceptions of people, and to work on developing a relationship with my clients. One of the lessons I learned is that gracists are aware of difference, and they will do whatever it takes and work as diligently as they can to make sure that everyone’s character and individuality is recognized and cherished (Anderson, 2007).

    A gracist also genuinely thinks that everyone matters and ought to be included. As a Gracist, I must reject the idea of accepting monocultural segregation without doing everything in our power to embrace variety across the church. Serving the underprivileged, including the impoverished, the disabled, the blind, and the lame, is an honor for God when it comes to outreach and ministry. As Anderson put it, it is my responsibility as a gracist to reach out and serve regardless of their class or ethnicity (Anderson, 2007).

    When I work with the underprivileged population, one of the ways I will include these values is by speaking to people about how to lift them up who have been knocked down by life and misfortune, even for those someone whose decisions put them in the predicament in which they find themselves. It is respectable to refrain from putting down people who are already down (Anderson, 2007). Psalms 82:3 says that we should “Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed” (New International Version, 1978/2011). As a counselor, I will advocate for my clients and that all starts with respecting them.

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