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Thesis on the indian embroidery

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    Question: You are a fashion student and you need to make thesis on the indian embroidery

    Embroidery is a story told on fabric with threads and needles. The purpose of embroidery or needlework is to improve the aesthetic of a fabric. The research focuses on embroidery and its impact on the luxury fashion business. The study looks at the demise of this craft as well as the embroiderers’ current situation. The study aims to learn more about the craftspeople and the impact of their demise on the luxury apparel industry. The goal of the study is to provide a voice to this progressively vanishing craft and to promote the idea of working toward its preservation and rebirth, which can help ensure its long-term viability and urge artists to carry on the heritage.

    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
    2. Literature Review
    3. Methodology
    3.1. Ontology
    3.2. Epistemology
    3.3. Research Philosophy
    3.4. Research Methods
    3.5. Selecting a Methodology
    3.6. Research Design
    4. Autobiographical Writing
    5. Interviews
    6. Results
    7. Discussion
    8. Recommendations
    9. Conclusion

    You also need to include

    Literature survey
    History of Embroidery
    Luxury and Embroidery
    Parser of head Embroidery in the fashion industry
    Indian Embroidery
    European fashion Houses and Embroidery
    Indian Embroidery Artisans
    Promotion and Awareness

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