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    Assignment : Today’s Hottest Entrepreneurs

    Your life today would probably be very different if it weren’t for entrepreneurs-past and present. What if Steve Jobs had decided to become a dentist, or Jeff Bezos had taken a job as an accountant instead of founding Amazon? In the same way that entrepreneurs have shaped our past, there are those out there shaping our future.

    In this written assignment, you will research an entrepreneur who is influencing not just the world you live in today but also the world you will live in tomorrow.

    1. Select an entrepreneurial individual as the subject of your paper, someone you can readily find information about.

    2. Your paper must include, at a minimum, the following information:

    – General background information about the entrepreneur.

    – Specific information about the product, service, or industry that the entrepreneur is involved with, has founded, or plans to develop in the future.

    – How the entrepreneur’s innovations, products, service, goods have already affected our lives.

    – How the entrepreneur’s innovations, products, service, goods might affect our lives in the coming years.

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