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What are the advantages of using consecutive interpreting

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    Assignment – Linguistic and Cultural and Subject Matter Paper

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    A) Competencies in consecutive interpreting fall into these broad categories: linguistic, cognitive, methodological, cultural and subject matter, and interpersonal. Assess your proficiency in each competency. What is your greatest area for growth? What is your biggest concern about mastering these competencies?

    B) From what you studied in “Introduction to Consecutive Interpreting” try to answer the following questions:

    1. What Are the Differences between Consecutive Interpreting and Simultaneous Interpreting?

    2. What are the advantages of Using Consecutive Interpreting?

    3. What is a target language?

    4. What is a source language?

    5. From your understanding, what are the intralingual skills?

    C) Sum up the procedures of the SI, CI, and ST tests conducted during Agrifoglio’s experiment highlighting the problems and errors, observations, and conclusions.

    (Your answer should be based on reading Marjorie Agrifoglio’s article “Sight translation and interpreting comparative analysis of constraints and failures” pp.51-61 as well as reviewing slides 1-11).

    D) Read Ch1 in Bowker (2004) and answer the following questions:

    1- Global market, localization, product and web development, and simultaneous shipment all increased the need for what?

    2- CAT tools maybe used to work quickly and cheaper but deliver high quality results, what does this abbreviation stands for?

    3- What are the examples of localized products and websites mentioned in the chapter and what led to this phenomenon?

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