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What are the powers of the civil aeronautics board

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    1. You are the human resources director for a regional U.S. airline. One of your duties includes screening new pilots and maintenance personnel applying for jobs with the airline. As part of the process, your staff should check the FAA’s records on each applicant’s certificates, ratings, accident history, and FAR violation history. Where would they find this information?

    2. Your aircraft has been involved in an accident. What agency or agencies will investigate the accident? What agency will determine the probable cause of the accident?

    3. An agency of the U.S. government is presently experimenting with and assisting in the development of technical standards for the components of the next generation air traffic control system (NextGen). What agency is responsible for that work, and where is it being carried out?

    4. What are the powers of the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) today?

    5. To what extent, if any, may state governments regulate the routes served and rates charged by airlines?

    6. Which agency of the U.S. government regulates labor relations in the airline industry?

    7. You want to determine who owns a particular aircraft. Which agency of the U.S. government would have that information, and where would it be found?

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