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What are the standards and values of the organisation

    Assignment Instructions

    Explain via a report the values and standards required by an organisation and how they relate to performance management. Include in the report team and individual perspectives of performance issues and the implementation of decisions to address any issues.

    Take into consideration:

    1. What are the organisations performance management requirements?
    2. What qualities are required within performance management?
    3. How are individual and team performance plans developed?
    4. What are the organisations KPIs according to business objectives?
    5. What are the standards and values of the organisation?
    6. How does individual performanoe align with organisational values?
    7. How are issues arising from organisational values identified?
    8. How is information relevant to an issue collected and organised?
    9. What is the team decision- making process?
    10. How are risks examined to determine the preferred course of action?
    11. How is the implementation of agreed decisions planned?
    12. What processes are in place to monitor the implementation and impact of a decision?
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