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What do you understand by the term cue stimuli

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    1. What do you understand by the term Cue stimuli? What are the implications of retention, response and retention for organisational theory and human behaviour? 
    2. Using practical examples, discuss the foundations of individual behaviour. How can a manager improve the organisation’s ethical climate?
    3. Discuss the nature of an organisation-state how this relates to the scope of organisational behaviour as a field.
    4. Discuss the historical background of modern organisational behaviour
    5. Personality is a complex, multi-dimensional construct. Discuss some of the personality traits that relate to job performance.
    6. According to Peter Drucker, “Leadership means the lifting of man’s visions to higher sights, the raising of man’s performance to a higher standard, the building of man’s personality beyond its normal limitations.” Discuss this statement paying attention to the features, types and importance of leadership.
    7. Discuss and exemplify the process of communication, from source to receiver. What is Noise?
    8. How does task ambiguity contribute to the emergence of conflict within an organisation? Show how you, as a manager, can manage or mitigate conflict in your organisation. 

    Identify and discuss the disciplinary bases of organisational behaviour? In your answer, pay attention to the elements of organisational behaviour as well.

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