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What each article implies about upcoming inflation

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    1. Read the following three articles from the WSJ and the Economist: 1st article, 2nd article,  3rd the article.
    2. Take the perspective of a financial advisor who is guiding a client on how to invest over the next 2-5 year period with regard to expected inflation. Write a 1 to 2-page summary of your advice about what you expect for inflation and how an investor should respond. Draw on each of these 3 articles, as well as the Kaplan SIE materials and the class lectures, to support your inflation expectations and investing advice. Take note of the publication date of each article because they may no longer reflect current market conditions.
    3. Your summary should include the following:
      1. A paragraph summary of each article. Focus on what each article implies about upcoming inflation and about how this may impact investing.
      2. A paragraph prediction about the inflation environment that is likely over the next 2-5 year period, along with justification from the 3 articles.
      3. A paragraph summary of your investment advice, driven by your prediction about inflation. You do not need to recommend a particular security, but make a clear recommendation about whether you recommend investors to invest more heavily or less heavily in stocks, bonds, or other investments. You may also offer advice to invest in certain sub-sectors of stocks or bonds.
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