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What is a clawback with respect to executive compensation

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    Q1. What is a clawback with respect to executive compensation? You may use any source you want to define this term. It should, however, be properly referenced.

    Q2. Sarbanes-Oxley Act created the required clawbacks for fraud. What subsequent law extended the requirement for entities to clawback excess compensation for any type of accounting restatement?

    Q3. Obtain the provision of the law you referenced in part b that requires the recovery of erroneously awarded compensation? Do not use any form of non-authoritative source for this. Students are not required to elaborate, just obtain the actual legislation.

    Q4. The SEC has proposed a rule to apply the provisions of this law. What rule is it? Also, obtain the section of this rule that relates to the detailed disclosures the SEC is proposing companies with accounting restatements provide for the clawbacks. Do not use non-authoritative sources for this item. No elaboration is required.

    Q5. Using the FASB ASC, find guidance on what consideration clawbacks are given when compensation is granted and how to account for any clawback that a company would receive.

    Q6. How can clawbacks be used in efficient contracting to reduce moral hazard and adverse selection?

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