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    Mihir is a Branch Manager of a prominent bank in Mumbai. The branch is located in business cluster area. Although there are number of other bank branches but his branch has consistently secured high value businesses as compared to others. He has been a model executive for many years consecutively. He leads his team by example. There is high pressure work environment in his branch.

    About six months back, he indicated to HR in Head Office that on account of some family responsibilities next financial year he wishes to be posted to less demanding assignment. However, his immediate superior, the Area Manager wishes to retain him for one more year so that both of them have continuity in a high pressure work environment.

    So HR called Mihir for interaction and asked him what was the issue. Mihir explained that his daughter is coming to Class 12 and she has been a meritorious student. He wishes to go to a routine appointment wherein he would not be putting in long hours and consistently meeting deadlines in order to be able to devote more time to his daughter in

    coping up with studies. You are Executive assistant to VP HR. Put up a note for VP HR with your recommendations with regards to following:

    What is your assessment of the problem and what are the options? (100 Words)

    What is your recommendation and why? (100 words)

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