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What is the background details of the story

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    When interviewing for future career positions, you will be asked to draw upon your experiences in this work term. To assist you with this, please answer one of the following questions below. Use your current work term as the example.

    Many interview questions you will encounter will be behavioural based. To effectively answer those questions use the “STAR” formula (described below) when outlining your specific challenge or problem.

    S/T = SITUATION or TASK, what is the background details of the story, or specific circumstances.

    A = ACTION, what action did you take?

    R = Result, what were the outcomes of your actions?

    Answer ONE of the following questions using the above method:

    Answers should be at least three paragraphs (1 – S/T; 2 – A; 3 – R). (300 words minimum total).

    Question 1: Describe a challenge or problem you have encountered on your current work term. What initiatives or actions did you take to address this challenge or resolve the problem? What was the outcome?

    Question 2: Describe a time over the past few weeks you worked part of a team to meet project requirements and/or deadlines. Explain your role and how you contributed to the team. What was the outcome?

    Question 3: Describe a time during your work term that you were able to set a goal and meet or exceed it. Be specific.

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