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    You are a single parent, working as a receptionist for a fast-paced and aggressive law firm in New York. The firm maintains an impersonal work environment, in which relationships are ‘strictly business’ between the administrative assistants and the lawyers. You are very efficient in keeping track of the lawyers, their whereabouts, and the cases they are working on. They rely on you to give out only information that assists them and not to jeopardize any personal or professional situations.

    Kristen is an exceptionally busy lawyer with a heavy caseload. When she is unprepared to meet her clients, she asks you to give them false information, saying she is out of town or in court. Kristen is only one of many lawyers that expect your help in this way. If you refused to cooperate, you would be dismissed from your position.

    When her husband calls, she expects you to continue with the same routine, saying she is in court or out of town for the day. You’ve been giving him false information for several years. Recently, you have begun suspecting that Kristen is having an intimate relationship with one of the other lawyers. When her husband calls, you give the standard excuse but are uncomfortable doing so because you suspect she is spending social time with her colleague.

    Why do you think you feel uncomfortable about this new situation? What is the best course of action you can take?

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