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What is the expected change in the operating cash flow

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    Q1. Dawne’s Toy Inc. manage a product with a 2.5 degree of operating leverage. Sales of the product are expected to increase by 20 percent next year. What is the expected change in the operating cash flow for this product for next year?

    Q2. A project has an accounting break-even point of 3,000 units. The fixed costs are $3,900 and the depreciation expense is $600. The projected variable cost per unit is $17.40. What is the projected sales price?

    Q3. Speedy Service Inc. has an 8% coupon bond that matures in 11 years. The bond pays interest semi- annually. What is the market price of a $1,000 face value bond if the yield to maturity is 8.8%?

    Q4. If the nominal rate is 7%, what is the effective annual rate if it’s compounded semi-annually?

    Q5. You are planning to make monthly deposits of 5600 into a retirement account that pays 6% compounded monthly. If your first deposit will be made one month from now, how large will your retirement be in 25 years?

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