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What is the normal penalty for breach of a civil wrong

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    Business Law Assignment –
    Part A –
    1. What is the normal penalty for breach of a civil wrong?
    2. Explain what the roots of our legal system are.
    3. Why was the Bill of Rights enacted?
    4. What section of the Constitution is the basis for most laws governing business transactions, and what does it provide?
    5. List some guiding principles that determine how ethics relates to the enactment of laws.
    Part B –
    1. Over what must a court have jurisdiction before it can try a case?
    2. Name the court in which the following disputes would be settled:

    • A claim for an unpaid bill of $100
    • A dispute over the amount of income taxed owed
    • An allegation that a lower court made a mistake
    • A controversy among cousins regarding their share of a deceased grandparent’s estate
    • A divorce case
    • A damage suit for $7,500

    3. Why are courts of original general jurisdiction referred to as courts of record?
    4. Why is it important to comply with procedural laws?
    5. What is the procedure by which an appellate court learns about a case?
    Part C –
    1. Is it always a tort when competitors intentionally injure one another? Explain.
    2. What marks are entitled to trademark protection?
    3. What rights do parents have under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)?
    4. What are the three elements of criminal copyright infringement?
    5. For what companies is debarment a serious penalty and why?

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