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What is the setting of the fractured fairy tale

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    Fractured Story Assignment


    STEP 1: Read the traditional fairy tale story “Rapunzel”.

    STEP 2: After reading the traditional fairy tale, you will “fracture” it.

    When you choose the fairy tale, plan the plot of the story and discuss the following questions:

    • What is the setting of the traditional story? What is the setting of the fractured fairy tale?
    • Are you going to change the point of view of the original story?
    • How will you change the characters in your fractured fairy tale?
    • What is the problem in your story? What is the solution?
    • How can you make your story funny?

    Remember, there are a lot of ways to fracture a fairy tale!

    • Change the main character
    • Change the setting (time and place)
    • Tell the story from a different character’s point of view
    • Make the problem of the story different
    • Change an important item in the story (for example, the glass slipper in Cinderella)
    • Change the ending of the story (maybe they don’t live “happily ever after” after all)

    STEP 3: Create a fractured fairy tale!

    Your fractured fairy tale should meet the following requirements:

    Your fractured fairy tale must be different from the original version, but the “overall” “flavor” of the story must be similar. It must be clear to the reader what fairy tale was fractured.

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