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What is the value of this tool from a consumer perspective

    Assignment Instructions

    Each section of the analysis must be completed. Using images (graphs, diagrams, screenshots) to aid in explanation is highly suggested! Use the outline of this assignment as your outline for your discussion post, so that each of us can easily compare the analysis from one channel to another. While images/diagrams/screenshots are highly encouraged. This requires explanation of any images and paraphrasing of sources. In-text citations are required.

    Digital Marketing Tool Research Report

    Topics covered should include:


    1. Show and Describe the Channel/Tool: How do you use it? How long has it been around? How popular or important is this specific tactic? Which industries are using it most? For what purpose (trial, awareness, desire, loyalty etc.)?
    2. Pros & Cons: With all of the options available in the digital marketing environment, how does a firm decide which one(s) to prioritize and invest in? Provide a detailed list of advantages and disadvantages for this specific channel that a firm will need to consider.
    3. User/Consumer benefits: The ultimate goal of marketing is to provide value to the consumer … so what value would a customer receive when a company implements this digital marketing tactic? What is the value of this tool from a consumer perspective?
    4. Success Stories & Sample Campaigns: Which companies are using this most effectively? Describe and show at least three successful campaigns/examples.
    5. Epic Fails: Provide three solid examples of failed marketing efforts. What can we learn from them?
    6. Marketing risks: Nothing is risk-free! What are the risks of implementing this channel? Are there nuances or pitfalls to watch out for?
    7. Conclusion: Give us the Pitch. As a Digital Marketing Expert, would you recommend use of this tactic in a brand or company’s digital marketing efforts and under what conditions? What does a company need to do in order to ensure success with this specific channel? Be specific with regards to types of companies or products that should as well as those that should not.
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