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What things could make this reading better

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    Case: Read the following and then answer the questions:


    This video engages viewers on the topic of utilizing the capabilities of technology and big data to help the energy grid and consumer’s use of it. Intel provided the necessary components to capture needed data from consumers about their usage and patterns with a stated end goal of providing more convenient and less expensive energy to improve the quality of life. Companies such as Turcott and startup such as Pecan Street Inc. help utilities globally to get a deeper glimpse into home energy use (Intel, 2014). Intel is integral as the catalyst capturing, managing, and transporting the data to where it is needed.

    Correlation with EDM

    The video speaks upon the energy grid connecting its data sets with the technology provided by intel to provide a better understanding of how the energy is being used by consumers. By establishing a better understanding, patterns can emerge and the goal of a more convenient and less expensive product to improve the quality of life becomes more realistic. Intel technology is the data management side. Data management is ensuring consumers have accurate and timely data when needed; EDM is ensuring that the data is secure and that the people managing the data are securing the data and maintaining its quality (Tableau, n.d.).


    This video talks about how in the past devices that were used to capture, track, or manage data were thought to be more independent and standalone and that was a major challenge that needed to be overcome. Intel provides a much-needed solution by providing a way to handle high velocity of data, process it, and make it useful quickly. Intel bridges the gap with utilities to connect the data to other places that were not possible to connect with in the past (Intel, 2014).

    Real Life Example

    An example of technology assisting with utilities is laid out in the video where field testing was conducted in real environments (Intel, 2014). Collecting information on the usage of energy provided the necessary information that is described as only being obtainable through big data working with the energy grid. Utilities have been able to collect data in the past, but intel has made it possible to collect large data sets of unstructured data that are difficult to process and use efficiently. people’s homes.

    Question 1: Reflect on the reading and its understanding of the topic being discussed.

    Question 2: What questions on this topic were not answered and could have been?

    Question 3: What things could make this reading better?

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