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What would life be like without music-dance-painting-theatre

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    Respond to the following discussion questions in a minimum of 175 words:

    I think we can all agree that our day-to-day experience might be a little less interesting. The music we listen to, the television and films we watch, and even the way we design and decorate our homes are directly influenced by the visual and performing arts; even if we aren’t aware of it.

    What would life be like without music, dance, painting, theatre, or cinema?

    Consider your own experiences with the visual and performing arts. Perhaps you saw great art in a museum, or you were in the audience for a play, film, or concert.

    Describe your experience, including your emotional connection to what you saw or heard.

    In what ways did this experience impact your life?


    Often, when a person is shown a painting or sculpture, they can have an immediate reaction such as “I like it” or “I hate it!” But the real question is why do we feel the way we do? Studying the elements of visual art can help you make a more informed and interesting response. Also, knowing a little about the development of artistic style through the centuries helps you put your opinions in context.

    Pick at least one of the elements of composition and explain why it is important when describing a work of art, and cite some examples of painting or sculpture that emphasize this element.


    Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

    Music and dance are similar because both are able to communicate ideas and emotions without the use of words. In the absence of a vocal part, musicians create sounds that evoke certain emotions. Composers and performers do this through different elements of music like melody, harmony, and rhythm. Dancers can also communicate emotions, ideas, or even a story through their movements, and these movements are often tied to musical elements like rhythm.

    Imagine that you are composing a ballet. Pick an emotion that you want to show the audience.

    Describe how you would use certain elements of music to create the sounds of that emotion.

    How would you choreograph the dancers to align with your musical ideas?

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