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Which is approach for mitigating denial of service

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    1. Which is an approach for mitigating tampering?

    a. Tripwire

    b. Reference monitor

    c. Both A and B

    d. Neither A nor B

    2. The high-trust side of an API needs to do the following:

    a. Disconnect users after 5 minutes

    b. Perform all security checks inside the trust boundary

    c. Both A and B

    d. Neither A nor B

    3. Which is an audience for external security notes?

    a. Agents

    b. Customers

    c. API Callers

    d. Both B and C

    4. Which is an approach for mitigating denial of service?

    a. DNS hosting

    b. Stenography

    c. Traffic filtering

    d. All of the above

    5. Which is an approach for mitigating spoofing?

    a. Two-factor authentication

    b. Kerberos authentication

    c. Both A and B

    d. Neither A nor B

    6. Good security design involves:

    a. Hiring brilliant programmers

    b. Both C and D

    c. Enforcement of the customer/vendor trust boundary

    d. Minimizing risk through appropriate design

    7. Which is an approach for mitigating repudiation?

    a. Device fingerprinting

    b. IP address geolocation

    c. IPSEC

    d. Both A and B

    8. Which is the best way to address threats to a system?

    a. IP Filtering

    b. Standard, well-tested products and features

    c. Customer solutions

    d. A but not C

    9. What is the most important task that designers of new technology can perform?

    a. Implement SHA-3

    b. Keep their design secret

    c. Isolate their solution from the Internet

    d. Define and communicate trust relationships

    10. The best time to threat model is:

    a. Both B and C

    b. At the start of a project

    c. As you work through the features

    d. B but not C

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