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Which level of process is delores currently

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    Delores is an energetic third grader who is having some reading challenges. Mr. Benjamin, her teacher, has been using a Basal reading program with her during reading instruction in the classroom. Delores has made some improvement with being able to decode words, but her comprehension skills are still at a first grade level. Mr. Benjamin has a paraprofessional who works in the classroom with him and she works with Delores and three other children in the class who are also having reading comprehension issues.

    Her teacher has begun having conversations with the school’s Reading Specialist to decide if Delores could benefit from working with her one-to-one in an after school program. He has been keeping records of Delores strengths and weakness in reading. He believes that with all of the extra support that Delores will be a better reader.

    Briefly discuss the tiers of the MTSS process. What does the acronym MTSS stand for?

    Then, apply those steps to the support that Delores has been given at each level. Be sure to be specific about the support that Delores has had at every tier of the MTSS process so far.

    Which level of the process is Delores currently on.

    What is the name of the team that is supporting her through the MTSS process?

    What will happen next if Delores does show adequate process during the MTSS process?

    What is the name of the team to which she will be referred if she does not show the necessary improvements in the MTSS process?

    Which team requires a parent signature before evaluations/assessments can occur?

    Tell one assistive technology device that may be helpful for Delores. Explain why.

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