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Why is a philosophy of science important to nursing

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    Assignment – Discussion Questions
    Please use the AACN Masters Essentials (The Essentials of Master’s Education in Nursing) to answer the questions for discussion questions.
    Discussion question 1 – Nursing Research. Dr Jorge
    Why is a philosophy of science important to nursing? Provide examples from your clinical practice that demonstrate how the scientific method influences nursing knowledge, and in turn, practice? (Essentials I, III, VI, VIII and IX)
    Must be a minimum of 250 words. Make sure you provide appropriate references and utilize APA style.
    Discussion question 2- Nursing Theory. Deborah
    Discuss and provide 2 specific ways Early Conceptualization About Nursing Theory can be applied to advanced practice nursing. Identify one MSN Essential that most relates to this particular topic.
    The MSN Essentials which help to guide and shape graduate nursing education. Select 1 of these essentials that most closely reflect the concepts of this theory.
    Must be minimum 250 words, references must be cited in APA format.

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