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Why is organization of data essential in statistics

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    ABC Enterprises is a growing company in which employees must frequently travel by car for business a few times each week. Currently, each employee is allotted 30 dollars each travel day to cover all meals. Sales employees often travel in a 1.5-hour radius of the office and frequently have multiple appointments each week. They have complained that that dollar amount for food is not enough, especially on days with multiple meetings. A survey, given by the CEO, was taken to get a sense of what the employees recommended for a new allotment. Although not all responded, the response rate was pretty good – 67%. Note: The 30 dollars is for food. Gas is a different amount given to the employees – please do not assume the 30 dollars includes fuel.

    This discussion summarizes what you have learned from our discussions.

    What evidence, if any, supports the claim that 30 dollars/day is insufficient to cover all three meals?

    Why can’t we just use the sample data and say it’s the same as the population data? Why did we have to make confidence intervals and do hypothesis tests?

    Why is organization of data essential in statistics?

    What kinds of skills that you needed/learned in this class would you be able to use in a business situation in your field?

    If you were the decision-maker in ABC Enterprises, what would you do with the meal allotment? Why?

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