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Why operations management is important for organisations

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    Operations Management in Business


    To provide learners with an understanding of the role and importance of operations management (OM) in the efficient and effective production of goods and services.

    Learning outcomes and assessment

    LO1 Understand the nature and importance of operations management

    1.1 explain why operations management is important for organisations

    1.2 analyse the operations functions of a selected organisation

    1.3 evaluate, by using a process model, the operations management of a selected organisation

    LO2 Understand the link between operations management and strategic planning

    2.1 appraise the importance of the ‘Three Es’ to organisations

    2.2 assess the impact of the tension between cost minimisation and quality maximisation in organisations

    2.3 evaluate the significance of the five performance objectives that underpin operations management to organisations

    LO3 Understand how to organise a typical production process

    3.1 assess how linear programming adds value to a given production process

    3.2 evaluate critical path analysis and network planning

    3.3 justify the need for operational planning and control in a selected production process

    LO4 Be able to apply relevant techniques to the production of an operational plan for an organisation.

    4.1 produce a set of clearly defined operational outcomes for a selected organisation

    4.2 produce a network plan indicating the resultant critical path

    4.3 justify how quality management techniques are applied to improve operations in a selected organisation

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