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Write a paper on topic – Crisis Management

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    Business Management and Strategy Assignment –
    Write a paper on given topic.
    Topic – Crisis Management: Lessons Learnt from the BP Deepwater Horizon Spill Oil.
    Include the following points in paper –
    1. Introduction
    2. Literature Review
    2.1 Crisis Definitions and Typologies
    2.2 Crisis Management Models
    2.3 The Three-Phase Model
    2.3.1 Pre-Crisis Phase
    2.3.2 The Response Phase
    2.3.3 The Post-Crisis Phase
    3. Method
    4. Results
    4.1 BP Management of the Pre-Crisis Phase
    4.1.1 The BP CSR and Crisis History
    4.1.2 Crisis Prevention
    4.1.3 Preparation to the Crisis
    4.2 BP Management of the Response Phase
    4.2.1 The Initial Response
    4.2.2 Reputation Repair and Behavioural Intentions
    4.3 BP Management of the Post-Crisis Phase
    5. Discussion
    6. Conclusion
    7. References

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