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    Assignment –
    There are two parts to this Essay Prep assignment. First, you’ll practice citing and referencing. Second, after reviewing the textbook information in chapter 7 on White Collar crimes and reviewing the FBI web site, you’ll select three White Collar crimes to write about for your final essay assignment.
    Part 1 – Practicing APA

    • Quote from the textbook and cite per APA.
    • Paraphrase and cite from any the page of interest at the FBI web site.
    • Complete a reference list for the textbook and the website you cited above

    Part 2 – Essay Topics
    Your final paper will have five paragraphs: an Introduction, three content paragraphs on the White Collar crimes of your choice, and a Conclusion. To get started exploring White Collar crimes, go to the FBI White Collar Crime web site and review the Major Threats and Programs. After reading through a few pages of interest to you, list three White Collar crimes that you’ll write your paper on to complete Part 2 of this week’s assignment.

    • Topic 1:
    • Topic 2:
    • Topic 3:

    Total Words: 600 Words.
    Attachment:- Assignment Files.rar

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