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Write analytical essay relate local to international context

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    Assignment ID: FG133232646 , Length: Word Count: 2500 Words

    Assignment – Write an analytical essay of 1,500 to 2,500 words (not including bibliography) to relate the local to the international context of Canada.

    The paper should address the following:

    The participant is expected to use Canada as an example to show how its local context affects its international relations. This will demonstrate the participant’s ability to assess how different internal situations affect Canada’s foreign policy.

    The assessment will test participants’ ability to apply lessons learned throughout the entire course to the real world. for example,

    Participants can show how issues such as civil society, elections, and economic development can have strong links between local and international contexts.

    In addition to the criteria for organization and readability defined in the evaluation form, papers will be evaluated based on use of evidence, the logic of structure, quality and originality of the argument, and written expression.

    Learning outcomes for individual paper

    1 – Analyze how the domestic context affects Canada’s foreign policy.

    2 – Assessment of some of the main factors (groups, individuals, regions, etc.) in the country that affect foreign policy.

    3- Analysis of the role that institutions play in Canada in the domestic and international contexts.

    4 – Reference must be mentioned, numbered, and include an appropriate number of books, not just electronic and between 14-18 references.

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