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Write literature review on cloud computing security

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    Assignment – Cloud Computing Security Discussion

    Description – You must write a one page critique on a Systematic Literature Review on Cloud Computing Security: Threats and Mitigation Strategies paper.

    1. Critiques are not just summaries of the paper although they should include a summary. As a standard practice, no more than half the critique should be spent summarizing the paper. The remainder of the critique should include your own personal opinions about the material presented in the paper as well as comments about the author(s) and their opinions (and whether you agree with those opinions or not).

    2. Critiques should be written in what I like to call the fourth-person. More specifically, you are not allowed to use an first-person, second-person, or third-person words in your critiques. Examples of such words include: I, me, he, she, them, they, we, us, our, you, your, him, her, my, etc. These words are consider illegal and you will be penalized if you use them in your critique.

    3. Critiques should not exceed one page, should be single spaced and have reasonable margins and font size.

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