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Write report that discusses a reliable transport protocol

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    Part I: Research point study
    Write a 2 page report that discusses a reliable transport protocol to stream high speed multimedia over noisy channels at wireless computer and data communication networks (e.g., wireless sensor networks and VANETs). Search for a research paper that presents a transport protocol and compares it with other related protocols from literature. The report must include the following.

    • Cover page highlighting the main related reference title and authors
    • Motivation for designing/presenting the protocol.
    • Protocol design concepts
    • The adopted congestion control mechanism whether end-to-end or networkassisted congestion control.
    • Points on their basis a comparison can be conducted with other related protocols.
    • The adopted evaluation approach and studied metrics.

    Part II: Answer the following questions
    1) Consider a reliable data transfer protocol that uses only negative acknowledgements.
    a. Suppose the sender sends data only infrequently. Would a NAK-only protocol be preferable to a protocol that uses ACKs? Why?
    b. Now suppose the sender has a lot of data to send and the end-to-end connection experiences few losses. In this case, would a NAK-only protocol be preferable to a protocol that uses ACKs? Why?
    2) Consider the GBN protocol with a sender window size of 3 and a sequence number range of 1,024. Suppose that at time t, the next in-order packet that the receiver is expecting has a sequence number of k. Assume that the medium does not reorder messages.
    a. What are the possible sets of sequence numbers inside the sender’s window at time t? Justify your answer.
    b. What are all possible values of the ACK field in all possible messages currently propagating back to the sender at time t? Justify your answer.

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