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    Fundamentals of Networking Assignment –

    Part I: Paper Summary
    Write a 2 to 3 page summary report about a research paper you will search for and select on your own where such paper is related to a computer network and protocol architecture. The selected paper should be recent; and it discusses an architectural design of computer networks protocols that suit the future Internet and Internet of Things and employing a specific type of communication networks infrastructure, such as, Wireless Sensor Networks, Vehicular ad hoc Networks, Cloud-Radio Access Network, etc.
    The report must address the following.

    • Selected paper details, title, authors, citation venue (conference, journal), citation year, … etc.
    • Work motivation
    • Research gap
    • Related work
    • Problem statement
    • Solution approach
    • Strengths and weaknesses
    • Suggested Improvements. Suggest your own improvements. Related work can include additional works from the literature not cited in the paper (recommended).

    Part II: Solve the following problem
    Suppose users share a 1 Mbps link. Also suppose each user requires 100 kbps when transmitting, but each user transmits only 10 percent of the time.
    a. When circuit switching is used, how many users can be supported?
    b. For the remainder of this problem, suppose packet switching is used. Find the probability that a given user is transmitting.
    c. Suppose there are 40 users. Find the probability that at any given time, exactly n users are transmitting simultaneously. (Hint: use the binomial distribution.)
    d. Find the probability that there are 11 or more users transmitting simultaneously.

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