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WSN Network design and security

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    CIS4020 Mobile Systems and Cybersecurity – Teesside University

    Assignment – ICA 100% WSN Network design and security

    Network protocol and Infrastructure For a Wireless Sensor Network

    Task Requirements

    AMY Networks is a consultancy business that designs, installs and operates different types of wireless and wired networks for businesses and research organisations. As one of their project leaders you have been asked to respond to an ITT (Invitation to Tender) for this network design. The network solution will include the wireless sensor network logical design along with protocols specifications.
    The ITT document is included with this ICA. The tender that you produce in response to the ITT should take the following form.

    Part 1 – Design

    You need to respond to the ITT with following documents: –
    • Logical Design: Wireless sensor network.
    o Logical layout and implementation of the WSN deployment (You must show the overall connectivity between the different network elements).
    o Design and implement an addressing scheme for WSN(for example IPv6 equivalent). You can use Packet tracer to implement the IP scheme.

    Part 2 – Design Report (4000 words)

    The report must provide
    • Description for the protocols you have chosen for the wireless sensor network and how they will prolong the network life time (Restrict discussion to Routing, MAC and Physical Layer) (20%).
    • Enhanced security solution for the network including identification and mitigation of the security risks (30%).
    • Conclusion/Reflection:
    – Realistic and insightful conclusions drawn from the research.
    – A full discussion about the nature of future developments should be included (10%).

    The discussion should include a plan for integrating the different network protocols into the new network design. Your discussion must be supported by published research or simulation.

    Part 3 – Presentation

    Learning Outcomes

    Personal and Transferable Skills
    1. Appraise the technologies that are used to develop wireless based networks.
    2. Evaluate and compare the various mechanisms that are used to ensure effective communication between mobile devices and the real-world.

    Research, Knowledge and Cognitive Skills
    3. Demonstrate a comprehensive and critical understanding of the security risks that are associated with a range of mobile devices and formulate suitable strategies for protection of the data held by them.
    4. Research, assess and evaluate the complex relationships which exist between these technologies in real-world mobile devices.
    5. Integrate and synthesise diverse knowledge, evidence concepts, theory and practice in wireless communications, to solve problems.
    6. Critically appraise the networking technologies that are currently used by mobile devices.

    Professional Skills
    7. Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the hardware technologies that are currently used by mobile devices.

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