How to Solve Homework Problems in Algebra

How to Solve Homework Problems in Algebra

Algebra is one of the most important subject in Undergraduate & School Programs. Students feel it quite difficulty to solve homework problems in algebra. But this is not as difficult as we think, we just need to follow the concepts and memorize algebraic fomulas to work on problems correctly.

We should start with Basic topics of Algebra like;

What are Variables, independent & Dependent Variables, How these variables are used in creating a function, How functions are plotted on a graphs and what kind of shape they represent like Quadratic functions represents Parabola, Linear functions represents Straight Line etc.

Let us take an Example, to Explain What are Variables. Variables are those quantities which can change their value in a given contraints and limits. They are of two types; independent and dependent variables.

A function is always written in the form of dependent and independent variable, Like

x^2 = 2y

Here x is independent variable and y is dependent. X can have any value in the given equation/ function and y can be calculated on the basis of value of X, so Y is dependent Variable.

Strategy of Solving a Homework Problem in Algebra

First go through the question and check from which topic it belongs. Such as your problem could be a function based, linear equations based, quadratic equation, polynomial, geometric or arithmatic series etc.

Once you know the problem is based on a particular topic, then go through the method of solving of the problem and in detail like write down all steps involved in solving a problem

Do calculations carefully such that you can get correct answer in one single attempt. This will help you in solving the problem accurately in one attempt which is crucial during Exams, Midterms and Finals.

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