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For this particular assignment, the data of different types of wine sales in the 20th century is to be analysed. Both of these data are from the same company but…

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NIT3171 ICT Business Analysis & Data Visualization Individual Assignment – Business Analysis Case Study (Stage II – 35 marks weighing 35%) Report Submission Date (through the dropbox): (10% will be…

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u03a1 Apply Descriptive Statistics to Assess the Implications of Data Insert your Name Here School of Education, Capella University EDD8050: Data Literacy for Leaders Insert the Instructor’s Name Here Insert…

Question 1: how many tins of milk powder can be loaded into a con-tainer under Option A? Question 2. How many tins of milk powder can be loaded into a…

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I am basically helping students in Data Analysis and Statistics subjects. You can find my profiles on,, even one of the popular…

SPSS Political Analysis Assignment – Transforming Variables Exercises For the exercises, you will use the GSS dataset (file name: gss.dta). 1. (Dataset: GSS. Variables: polviews, wtss.) The GSS dataset contains…

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