Still Posting University Assignments on Freelancer or Upwork??


When I was in university during my graduation program in United States, I saw that several of my friends posts their university assignments on freelancer or upwork type platform and hire freelancers to get it done with 100% accuracy. But most of the time they get caught by the professors and due to plagiarism in the content provided by the freelaancers. Since there is no progra, to check the plagiarism content in the files provided by freelancers on upwork or freelancer or on any other platform like Chegg, Study Pool etc. So, the question is what should they do?

What should students do to get Full Grade in their University Assignments?

First of all, getting it done by someone else is called cheating. However if you takeing help of a tutor in writing your assignments then it will be good as you will be able to increase youe knowledge as well as you will be able to understand the subject as well. So, as a student what should i do because none of the platforms provide face to face access to tutors.

Full Grade

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